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    Don’t forget!  20% at my Etsy Shop, good for September ONLY!  I might be losing my job soon, so I’m trying to build up a little buffer until I can find another one, so every sale it appreciated!

    Might even make a donate button and plead if it gets really bad!  lol

    quality stuff now at a discount! buy aaaall the mini hats! (ok, not all of them, i still have a couple i want…well. no buy them. i’ll just commission her for MOAR!)

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    Middle-Earth art (including some great pieces for stories from The Silmarillion) by Jian Guo, via Neatorama.

    I think someday if I can save up the funds I might like to throw my own con. And I’d definitely have fandom-based “church” services on Sunday morning ;) I could put together a whole religious calendar based on the ethics and spirituality of LOTR, Potter, and Trek XD

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  • klokwerkheart asked : Your most recent work - a vivid golden Fili is exquisite! The colours are warm and radiant - they glow in an almost otherworldly manner and capture the eye in a glamorous spell!

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! :D

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  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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  • feelsforfili:


     This week’s judge: ceallaig1

     OK, film buffs, here’s your assignment for this contest, and you have two options:

     First alternative: (This is probably mostly for the artists, but if you can do a story, we’d love to see it!) Pick a film, any film—classic or modern, famous or obscure. What would Fili be doing in that universe? Spin us a tale, draw us some art, maybe a photo meme AU is your thing. Ever wondered what Fili would look like in Scarlett O’Hara’s Atlanta? Or piloting a Jaeger? Want to see him as an Avenger? Or the Dread Pirate Roberts? How about John Wayne’s Wild West?  Or a Disney prince/villain? Choose a movie and tell us what you see! Any film, any genre, live action or animated – go to town and let your imaginations run wild!

    Second alternative: choose a film quote (we request something fairly recognizable, not just a generic “Hi there” or whatever) and go to work with that. You don’t need to stick to the universe of that film. Some examples:

     “When the legend is better than the truth, print the legend.” (Man Who Shot Liberty Valance)—King Fili’s eulogy for Thorin, glossing over some less than admirable things his uncle may have done/said.

    “Here’s looking at you, kid.” (Casablanca) – Fi/Ki fluff from Fili’s POV

     “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” (The Godfather) – Fili in tough negotiator mode.


    —must be Fili-centric

    —tell us what movie or quote you chose—we haven’t seen them all.

    —must be from a film; at this point we are not allowing TV shows (we may save that for later….)

    —we request that you do NOT use Tolkien’s cinematic universe (Hobbit or LOTR)

    —5000 words or less; if it looks like it’s going to go a good bit over, please contact us, we will probably waive this for a good story, but the judge has limited time to read submissions.

    If you already have a piece that will fit these criteria, send us a link to it on AO3,, tumblr, etc.

    This contest begins Sept. 5, and will close at 12 noon EST US Sept. 18.

    Any questions, the in box is always open, or check our links on the sidebar. Looking forward to what you all come up with!

    EDIT AND UPDATE:  You’ve only got a few days left, guys, and I KNOW there are stories out there.  If you have one already posted someplace, send us the link.  Ditto for artwork or photo memes (yes, we’re qualifying that as art, too)  And I know some of you are involved in the Hobbit Reverse Big Bang.  Maybe a change of gears for a few thousand words will help that go smoother?  Whatever, we’d love to see more work!

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  • Been too long since I drew our lovely Golden Lion Prince. 

    testing out a new style so feedback is welcome!

    paint tool sai

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  • Audrey Hepburn

    I feel like these have turned into speed paintings. 

    paint tool sai (about an hour and a half)

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  • the-disney-elite:

    Milt Kahl’s words of wisdom for aspiring animators. (x)

    Oh, and regarding this mysterious Don Graham fellow…

    According to Andreas Deja, “Don Graham was head of Disney’s internal training program from 1932 - 1940. Chuck Jones called him the greatest American art teacher. The closest you will ever come to his teachings is through his excellent 1970 book Composing Pictures. It is in reprint and available at Amazon.”

    Click here for the Amazon listing for Composing Pictures.

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  • quick portrait while i took a break from unpacking boxes.

    Mae West.

    paint tool sai (about an hour)

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  • anoia:

    ur face while drawing expressions like 



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